Wednesday, 22 July 2009

the chronicles of oil price... entry 1 - Php 38.05 (dated June 09, 2009 in my journal)

unleaded gasoline at Shell is now at Php 38.05... DAMN! that's the 2nd increase in barely 2 weeks... DAMN! i had to let alex off my ecoland route and go with the shorter matina route... DAMN! the time when the gasoline was at 29 feels like a dream... DAMN! when the gas reaches 40, i'ma take the cleaner way of transportation... Php 38.05 is by far the most expensive charge of gas since i've started paying for my own gas for my pickup... 29 was the lowest... hahayz... those were the days... from now on, i will start chronicling the increasing in unleaded gas... hope the next entry will feature a lower price from the current one... crosses fingers!

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