Tuesday, 21 July 2009

movies movies post #2

just 2 movies to rate today...

ardor/milae - 3/5
synopsis: if your husband cheats on you, you cheat back at him with another cheater... (too many cheating...)
- for some reason, the doctor fellow looked like hayden kho and the doctor fellow is a playboy who screws around... imagine that... 2 doctors... 2 jerkoffs...
- yun-jin kim's character is sooo pathetic here and treated so unjustfully so much so that it ruined the movie for me... so much for female (adulteress) empowerment...

the dreamers - 3/5
synopsis: a young, american lad gets entangled with a really queer french brother and sister...
- one acronym: OMG
- another acronym: WTF
- bottomline: full frontal - the ultimate frontier

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