Monday, 20 July 2009

movies movies post #1

had another mini marathon going... i finished the latter half of paycheck... then, i watched perfume the story of a murderer... lastly, i watched fast and furious...

and here are my ratings... (i'm a very generous rater)...

paycheck - 2/5
synopsis: a guys invents something real bad (or good), forgets about it and has to remember it all over again...
- just another nyaaa, forgettable sci-fi/thriller film

perfume the story of a murderer - 4/5
synopsis: a french dude obessess on making the most perfect perfume... (hint: you absolutely cannot manufacture perfumes made from a man's scent...)
- especially liked the whole city doing the orgy thing, weird ending though

fast and furious - 3/5
synopsis: i shall vanquish the drug dealer and avenge my dead girlfriend by driving really fast and looking cool as i do...
- cools cars, ok-ok cars scenes, ok-ok film, paul walker is still hot, vin diesel is still pretty macho, cool cars

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