Tuesday, 21 July 2009

poem poem de sara poem #2 - ID

a little weird but kinda makes me proud all the same is that this one actually got published in Banaag Diwa, the emo book of Ateneo de Davao University College Department...

my first published poem...

makes me smile...

(ok... the intro was a complete ripoff from my mulitply blog... i'm sleepy already!)


love is torpid
but a breakup is rapid
we're a broken bicuspid
my ego against your id
had to close the lid
i'm just a kid
sorry for being so torrid
i know i did
something incredibly stupid
you've gone frigid
you've gone rigid
the feelings you hid
plot them on the grid
i have to be candid
without you, i'm lighter by a quid
on a day so humid
it's loneliness i must rid
it's goodbye i bid
gotta go look for cupid

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